Neptune(🌟 SMALL PUPIL SIZE) Lenses

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  • This design has SMALL PUPIL SIZE so it completely covers the natural eye color. However, vision will be slightly affected/blurry due to this (tunnel vision). Not suitable for reading and driving.

  • The pupil hole on this lens is small to give it a very natural appearance and may or may not cloud your vision. By making this purchase you are acknowledging the information provided. This is a gorgeous new style lens that's 100% opaque due to the first layer of color being white and the design put on top of that producing a complete color change. Due to the multiple layers of color to achieve the hand-painted design this lens is slightly thicker and your eyes may need a couple of days to adjust.  Dupes for FX eyes hand-painted lenses. 

  • UV CUT: Prolonged UV exposure is harmful to skin and eyes, can increase your risk for cataracts and other serious eye conditions. These lenses are able to provide 75% protection from UV-A and 99% protection from UV-B radiations.

  • Ionic: These lenses contain more water content, allowing in more oxygen to relieve your eyes and provide all-day comfort.

  • High moisture content: These lenses are made from soft lens material that contains more moisture, which provides all-day comfort.
  • The fit and feel of the lenses will vary per person.

  • Lens structure: These lenses are coated with newer technology so the color coating will not be directly on your cornea.

  • Lens type: These lenses have rounded edges so they will provide a natural, friction-less wearing experience.

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